Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fun and Games

I personally love to play gmaes but is it pssible to take a game too far? Have you ever taken a game too far? Said just one thing that pushed the limit? I can't recall a time where I did that but I know how it feels. Lately I've been told I should open up more comminucate. This is I totally agree with but is going to take some getting used to. Because I remember when I tied to tell them something was wrong they always told me I was overeacting. Never stopping to register what I was actually saying. In my own way I was telling them something was wrong. But they never listened. So I confinded in other people who actually listened to me. And these are the people I trust and respect most. The people who listen even when they know I'm going to tell one of my stories again. I guess now after my couple days back at school that I'm done I feel like I haven't seen one of my friends even though we sit at the same lunch table. In a way I'm avoiding some of my problems by waiting for others to take action. I have to admit that I'm still VERY angry but part of me has moved on because I realize the more it gets to me the more it hurts me. I'm forfitting! It's not worth it anymore. Because I'd rather surrond myself with those who know how to navigate through a storm than people who continusly get me lost. I want friends that make chocies that DON'T hurt the people around them.

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