Sunday, March 14, 2010

It takes time

Nothing happens over night you don't grow two feet or age 5 years but in turn time does move fast. Only time can heal a broken heart. My heart and the folds of my friendship are mending are they completely fixed? Absolutely not. It'll take time for my friends to regain my trust and earn back my respect. Because no matter how hard you try scars can't be erased they are there forever. I'll never forget the hurt I experienced when I saw how I was constantly being left out. I believed my friends no longer wanted me and no longer cared. I would sit in my bedroom some nights and cry myself to sleep I was so distraught. I began to pull away and turn to friends who did seem care. The friends that hurt me just never seemed to realize the seriousness of their decisions. At this point they still have much to gain back because there's only certain people I forgive on the spot. Have I forgiven them? When i think about it I really haven't forgiven them it still really hurts and it will take a lot of time for me to get over it. Will I be the same person I was before? I won't. I learn from my experiences and evolve from them. I've learned how to be happy and accept what I have. I've learned that I can't keep everything hidden anymore. I've learned how not to let certain things hurt me. And finally I've partially learned how to move on. I've learned so many things that I'll keep with me always and I've met people I'll never forget, people who have in my eyes helped mold who I am and who I'm yet to become.

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