Sunday, March 14, 2010


"We weren't sisters by birth but I knew from the start God put us together to be sisters at heart." A couple years back one of my really good friends told me that quote and when I heard it I kept it safe in my heart where it lives. It make me think of many of my friends but one friend especially. The way I often described her was that only girl that could understand me without words. After everything I went through with her I defiently learned the most about our friendship this year. And I learned a lot about myself. Like how hard it is for me to hear the word 'overeact'. That word brings up awful memories of the times I tried to tell my friends something was wrong but they never listened never registered anything was wrong or that I was trying to tell them something important. After hearing that word I always felt it harder to hold back tears. And when this occurred I began pulling away more and more searching for people who truly understand my words. But I began pulling back the instant tragedy struck. I finally admitted what was hurting me and in turn they registered all this and apologized. Realizing their faults. But I became distand with one person not because of anything we did but because of the ever present wedge being forced inbetween us. We're defiently getting better making progress. And I look forward to the day where we can use our combined strength to force the wedge out.

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