Monday, November 1, 2010

The Bigger Picture

Sometimes life seems great and wonderful to you but you step back and take a look at the bigger picure and the world is in tears it's raining and pouring. Everybody around you is living in poverty well you living in a manison on a hill. Not even being the good person and sharing your wealth with the people who aren't as fortunate. You see your friends sitting at the bottom of the hill sitting inbetween their little shacks enjoying a rolld of bread together. Because that's all they have left. They look aboslutely miserable, you climb down to try to understand. You get to the bottom and they all look up at you with those cold, sad, eyes realizing that your only passing through to steal their bread or destroy their shacks the idea of you coming to apologize or even try to understand is crazy. You look down at them again and speak asking "What Happed?". But again they only look up at you with the same cold, sad eyes, but this time they're full of wet shiny tears. They look away and you have no idea what to make of it. You climb back up the hill feeling like someone has stuck a needle just a tiny bit into your heart not enough so your in deathly pain but enough that you feel a pinch that will not go away. You've stepped back into your portion of the picture. I can't make you understand or make you see my picture. I can only show you what you want to see and nothing more. I can't make you see the outcome of your decisions or the tears cried because of you. I can only make you see what you want to. I can't undig the hole you've dug so deeply and I can't go back and change the things you've done. I can't make you see the bigger picutre. I can only do what people like me do sit here and let the pain and sorrow build up while I put on a smile that is fake to cover up the pain. I'm really sorry because I understand now. I understand the pain you've felt. And now I know that you can't truly understand something unless you've felt their pain. Until you've understood their sorrow. I'd never expect you to understand what you can't see. Everyday we choose the path we're going to take and everyday the path either changes or continues. Our lives aren't decided for us. We've got control whether we're 14 or 40 we ALWAYS have a choice. Take a look at the bigger picture before you draw a final conclusion or get mad at your friend for being angry with you. Set into their shoes and walk around for a while you may learn a lot and it may lead you to understand.