Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What I realize now

I realize that you should never care what other people think. Their statement, judgement, or opinion isn't law so why must you go by it? Who cares what people think. They're only one person in the billions of people populating our planet. Why should their opinion count more than someone elses? Whats so special about them anyways? I realize that we're capable of anything if we tell ourselves we can do it. And I'm not joking. All we really need to do is believe that we can do it. Let go of all our greatest fears and just believe. Believe in ourselves and our capability to do just about anything we set our minds to. I accomplished one of my greatest fears. And after I did it I thought "wow that really wasn't as hard as I made it seem!". I realize that it's okay to lose yourself every once and a while. It's okay. Sometimes losing yourself is just what you need to get back on the track you wanna be on. I realize that you only get one chance at everything in life. Second chances are rare. I always wonder if I'll be blessed to have a second chance at the things I messed up. The things that aren't too late to fix. I was lucky enough to be able to patch up my life to recreate what I needed that I had lost. I always thin about how not everybody gets to be that lucky. What happens to the people who can't patch up their lives? Are those the people that end up commiting sucide? I don't really have a complete answer to that question. But I know I was lucky beyond my wildest dreams. And that I might never get another chance like that. But I except that. I except the challenge we are all faced with. I realize now just how lucky I've been to have been touched by so many people. So many friends. The opprotunites my life's been given and the battles I was honored to fight in. The battles that I don't regret fighting. I realize how much of my life I regret the decisions I made, the people I decided to trus, and the people I pushed away. I wish I could've experienced life more and broken out of my protective shell and well lived a little! If only I had known who I'd be now then I'd probaly be in for the shock of my life! Because I was quiet and contained! And well look at me now. Well I've sure learned a lot over the years and I hope to learn much more. Every year older is a year wiser