Thursday, March 18, 2010

Passion: Whats yours??

My passion is simply Music it's my life. I love to sing and listen to it. I love to play it on my neglected flute. But sometimes I loose focus and get so off track that nothing can help me but Music. Music always calms me down. Without it I would always be bouncing off the walls. It's my life I eat sleep and breathe it. I hate being told my music is bad or crappy or that I should listen to something more like yours. It's ridicoulous because everybody has a right to listen to whatever makes them happy and nobody can tell me I can't like this artist or that artist. That's jus plain wrong. I can listen to ANY artist or song I want to you it's my i-pod not yours so let it go! Some people don't like certain genres and when they say that it's fine with me but don't take it to the point where you might be saying 'oh your whole i-pod is country or Taylor swift' You may not realize it but that hurts I may have an odd mix of music but that's not a reason to state very inaccurate things or insult someone else's chocie in music! Deal with it if they're putting that music on your ipod fine but learn when to leave well enough alone. Because if all I want to listen to is Taylor Swift it's my problem not yours! And I don't see it as a problem considering Taylor Swift is one of my favorite artists just because you don't like her doesn't mean you have to take it out on me. Music is unique to every indiviual so before telling someone something about their music stop and think 'Could this maybe be offensive or hurtful?

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