Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Life Story

From what I know outside of my house I was a quiet child nobody really heard much out of me except my best friend Amanda. She was always there she knew me for who I was even back then. I was crushed when I had to leave her. I lost touch with her and was so upset because no one I met could compare to her except one person She was everything to me my sister my best friend my mentor and the person I looked up to. I was crushed when I was taken away (metaphorically) from her. I had other friends I could trust but I never thought I would ever get over it. But truthfully today looking back I owe her a lot because I wouldn't be half the person I am today without her. I moved on slowly coming about a new best friend she isn't half the person my old was but she's special to me for different reasons. She makes me laugh, she teases me (although sometimes I don't always like it), she makes me take risks I wouldn't normally take. We balance each other out she's the free bird and I'm the caged one. She can be quite moody sometimes but when she's happy she brighten everyday. I made lots of different friends especially in middle school because I was forced to work outside of my comfort zone warming up to people I normally wouldn't have. And that's how I met my other best friend. Truthfully she's a werido and can get on my nerves sometimes like any friend. But even when we don't talk for what feels like weeks we can still pick everything up like we talk all the time when we do see each other. She's one of the only people that always stands by me even when I take the chance of being wrong. I am really independent but I would be nothing without my friends. My friends helped me become who I am today. The spunky, wild,out of control, werid, independent, strong,stubborn, and fiesty person I am today. All in all thanks to all my friends new and old that are reading this. I owe more than I can ever repay you.

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