Monday, March 22, 2010

Finding Peace

The place or feeling we all know as peace can sometimes be hard to find. The way I see peace is your inner sense of peace and happiness, where the world's worries simply melt away. Peace defiently doesn't come easy it takes time to find and achieve like any worth while thing.Without peace and happiness my life would fall apart. I personally need that sense of secruity and the quiet serene place used for thinking. Thinking about lifes worries can actually take you farther than you think. You can take the much needed time to look at it from many different angles. I find this helps me apporoach situations better by having more in take on them. This also helps me to be a better person because I have more time to get to know myself and know who I am. Many people automatically assume my life has been easy but in reality it hasn't. I've been uprooted so many times that my wide variety of friends stretchs me in many different directions. But unlike some people I know which direction to go in different times. Because for me every direction allows me to have yet another experience. To me thats the only real way you learn from life experiences. I haven't had as much experience as some people but that doesn't mean my experience isn't helpful or worth testing out. I've seen so many things over th course of my life and I think I deserce just a little credit for everything I do. I put up with everything you could ever imagine and more. The only way I can possibly balance it all is through my thoughts. I go head and assess each situation often spacing out a lot because I need that extra focus to get more depth on my thoughts. I find peace by being prepared and know how I feel about everything. I do wish I had more time for meditation because surprisingly it really does help. It helps clear your mind to make room for thoughts and solutions. But my mind unfortunately is instead running wild with confusion which probaly doesn't surprise you. All my friends always joke I'm confused half the time and other half nobody can understand what I'm saying. Which is true but really hiliraous. Make more time for things that can ultimately help you out greatly in the long run because you never know what life might throw at you.

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