Thursday, February 25, 2010


All you people reading this must be putting on one of those confused faces and be like how does this post make any sense? It's pronaly really confusing for those of you who don't know her. She's a wonderful, amazing, strong person. And my true best friend. I've known her since I was 19 days old. I've gone through all the ups and downs of sisterhood with her. The time where you want to slap her and the times where you want to worship at her feet. To tell the truth she's never been that great with moods or advice. But she knows how to be there even when she's 5,000 miles away. I love her to death that girl. She's my wonder woman. My dirty blond haired,greenish brown eyed best friend. For sure and for certain we don't always get along. But we fit together like a puzzle piece. She's every part of me that i'm not and I'm every part of her she's not. As you can tell I'm 19 days older and between us I'll never let her forget. We're from two different worlds. She's a tomboy and a youngest child. While I'm a healthy mux and an oldest child. I love, life and learn from it. She teaches me and I in turn try to teach her.

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