Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mean People

I personally have met a couple of these but truthfully who hasn't? I've stood trhough more than you could ever imagine. The troment of the power these people though they had over you. I still everyday get ordered around like a little slave girl. Although I never obey I simply answer I can do what I want and YOU can't tell me otherwise. Some people just need to be in control of a little bubble surronding them. But as soon as you pop that bubble and push them to see what's beyond it they become vunerable and normal again. It's true this takes an immense amount of time to over come the obsitcules people like this are given because if what they give out. The difference that many people fail to see is that between a natrual leader and a seized controler. All you really need to know is NOBODY can control you or tell you who you are or who you're going to be.

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