Thursday, February 25, 2010


It's a word we hear everyday often when we need to cover up for bad actions. That's how you can tell apart a good persom and bad person and that some place inbetween. A truly good person faces up to their actions and bad people try to avoid them. People in between are often half and half. I must admit I sometimes don't face up to my actions or inactions. Why you may ask? Fear. I've been afraid for so long just to tell the thruth or tell someone what I really feel. A lot aren't good at picking up feelings and stuff like that. But I cleary remember one girl who could always tell when people weren't happy. She was always very nice and kind and of course still is. When you run away from feelings and truth you are often being really uncomfortable in your own skin. These are people who haven't learned how to be happy and how to live a healthy life. Anywhere you go there will always be fault in matters but it's resolved through truth, time, and responsibility.

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