Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Have you ever thought up an extravagant world only for it to be a dream? I remeber playing games that seemed to come to life. I was maybe ten or eleven my friends and I liked to play this game we called black night. It was one of my two dream worlds and this was a real as ever for me considering as soon as the teacher annoced recess I would plunge myself into this miracoulous world. the thing that made this world so real was the fact that i had the everyday hardships of life softly woven into it's seems. Even today I wish I could go back to that world where everything wasn't excatly okay but it was easy as. As easy as making friends in kindergarten. My friend and me also had this wonderful fairytale land almost. It was a place where she and I were sisters and lived in an amazing mansion withe everything we had ever wanted, Hannah Montana Closets, adorable little sisters, horses and to good to be true social lives. This world was as real as it was when we were ten. The significance of these places reflects in our sense of secruity and well being. All I can say is these places are REAL we just have to dig a little deeper to find them.

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