Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Try and Mess with Me

Seriously I've it my absoulte last straw. I'M DONE! I'm sooo sick of it. I can't even fathom how much I'm sick of it. I want to punch some specfic's face in. This soo ridcoulous and it's gotten sooo out of hand. That's it I go on with it no more. The more you push it the more chances you loose. And when you get to 0 what do you think happens? Your disposed of especially if you're way obviously beyond help. I can't do it anymore. People who mess with me DON'T get rewarded they get PUNISHED. And if you happen to get one of my less severe punishments you're lucky because unfortunately not everybody I've gotten rid of has been that lucky. I've run out of chances. There's not even one left the well is dry. You won't here if cross the line again I'll jump down your throat. Because it's wayyyy too late for that. I've given out chances into the negatives. And now you must pay the price. Not everything is free in this world but the best things are. And I learned that the minute I lost my first friend. I pushed her away because I was done there was nothing more for me there. She was one of the lucky few, she didn't get tortured or abused. I just made a nice thin cut and that was the end of that. It was simple and easy. But she can still be helped I never gave up on her. But I just cut off our friendship because I knew that it wouldn't work anymore. I've been lucky as a person to be who I am. I owe her that. Without her I wouldn't be half the person I was today. She was one of my few friends that helped mold who I am. So thank you to that friend where ever you are. I hope that you can one day see the light.

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