Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Life's Million Roads

Have you ever noticed how sometimes not always history is doomed to repeat itself. Certain situations are unavoidable and when you avoid them anyway then this is one of the times when history is doomed to repeat itself. Some things in life are amazing and miriaclous unbelieveable maybe. I have experienced things like that in my life whether it be the learning of life lessons or influential people in my life. I wish upon shooting stars wishing for certain miracles to happen when you never choose what mircales happen and which ones don't. Fate chooses for you. Although you never know when a miracle hits you for sure you'll realize later that is was a miracle because of it's lasting effect. Miracles are just one of life's many roads. The rest being the choices you make along the way to where ever we go after our passing. Each day is full of life changing events on the way miracles we never thought possible. This is why I try to encourage people to make the choices they see fit since you can never take part in another person's life without their consent. I have to admit I never make the best choices but I think about every angle and encourage people to do what they see fit whether it be good choices, bad choices, or somewhere in between either way we follow a path that we may hate at times but totally end up loving it. But what everybody needs to know is that when history repeats itself the outcome isn't always constant. It's open to change. And this I learned only last night with my brush with a repeat of history. The reason it changes is because everybody's different and we change over the course of time. Being molded into the adults we're gonna be later in life. Unfortunately having the free will that God gave us we all make stupid decisions but the important thing about those is knowing how to fix them or improve them for the next time. If you can't learn from your mistakes how do you expect to be successful later in life? You can't. Stubborness has nothing to do with it and I would know considering I'm one of the most stubborn people you will ever meet. But obviously I've learned A LOT about life if I could write 36 blog posts about what I have learned. The good thing is we never stop learning everyday we learn little things without even realizing it. Life is worth living however long your here. You only get one (as far as we know) and we need to live in a way we'd be proud of.

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