Monday, January 11, 2010


Most all of you have probaly heard the ruth and the truth alone will set you free. I've always thought that to be ture due to the fact that things seem to get better when you tell the truth or even just face up to your actions. Without truthfulness our world would be absoulutely nothing. We cannot run our world on lies because then there is no trust which would be a lot like trying to walk on water. Truth is the foundation of everything around us if you hadn't noticed. I can list just about a million things depend on truth for survival healthy relationships, good friendships, successful governments, happy careers you get the picture! I've had a hard time with friends lately cause they've been trying to convince me to walk on water and except the crappy excuses and lies they feed me. I am the type of person who is dependent on truth in my life because I especially need it therefore I get fed up when people feed me excues and lies. Truth may never actually physically set you free but will always leave you feeling just a little bit lighter

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