Friday, January 8, 2010

Being Judgemental

I know it's something you hear everyday ! I have a differnet take on it though. For most of my life I have always been looked at as that quiet girl. When if you get to know me good know that once I start I never stop talking. I'm quite cleve although some people would object. One day I just go sick of it and decided to break out my shell decideding that sometimes my needs have to come first in a friendship. I was always the little girl who befriended the chatty outgoing type of person in another girl. So when I was little I played with most of the guys cause if you haven't noticed they are just a tad bit easier to be around although they can have a strong opionion on the way girls do thing sometimes. So people will claim my life was easy as if they were my sibling. Which is not true and sometimes hurtful because they argue this when you have only known them since seventh grade for example. I personally have to admit that I judge people too out in the street at school whispering to myself something like loser or werido or looks nice. I can't recall a time where it had ever mattered until I met one of my closet friends many times before I had written her off as a werido and she had written me off as a snob which is how some people see me within my world. This is because some people just don't know the strength of a true girl holding herself high so that she can stay strong even with the unending strom she battles everyday. Which makes me think of the three most influnetial people in my life one person a lot of people I know would never believe but although right now she means nothing to me she did one day and will always hold a special place in my heart. I claim that she made me who I am today a girl of far too many words. I got off topic but when one thing leads to another there is no stopping it!

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