Saturday, January 9, 2010


Have you ever wondered what you need to be happy sometimes? Well the answer is simple you don't NEED anything! Happiness is simply the thing that brightens your day and makes you see the truth of each situation even the ones that can suck away the happiness. I've always lived by the fact that it's better to live your life happy and memorably than miserable and unforgiveable. That's one of the few keys to happiness within each indivual. Forgiveness shows your willingness to cap and throw away things that ruin your day such as fights or rude/nasty comments. One of my keys is defiently laughter meaning also that the thing that I love in a guy is his ability to make me laugh or merely crack a smile once and a while! Which brings me back to another place that happiness plays a key factor which is defiently in healthy relationships. The ability to make each other happy is key. If you see someone down turn that frown upside down bring some happiness to that persons life therefore take healthy risks!

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