Saturday, January 9, 2010

Smart or Stupid?

You've all probaly heard the terms book-smart, people-smart and street-smart. I've pondered this a while thinking about what excatly they mean. Anything that you think they should be. I thought long and hard about comaring book-smart guys to non book-smart guys fo reasons not released at the moment. I finally realized from my cousin pointing this out that book-smarts don't matter when you have the right guy. When choosing things like this not all thing matter in reality. Because reality is a world more truthful and brutally honest then the worlds we have made for ourselves within the thinking chambers of our heads. I believe despite any of things we all manage to make so pretty stupid descisons sometimes making me think that we all take on decison making a similar manor. I far as I am concerned about any of this fate controls everything that happens to us but chocies control everything that happens for us

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