Saturday, January 9, 2010


Have yo ever thought how amazing it would be to live forever? See everything throughout history? I've always thought immortailty was overated becayse what good does it do you to live forever what beneifits do you gain from it? I have always wanted a nice full life and to eventually die and take my rightful place in heaven and finally find out what my purpose is here on earth. You've all probaly heard of the undieing vampires that are always mad to look amazing when really all you would live would be a life full of torture and anxiousness knowing that you'll never die even when the world ends and you'll have no place to go. Althougn many of you who knows me knows that my daily dreams/wants are quite simple. I don't have some hug extravagant life planned for myself ahead. I just want to let life take it's toll like it's supposed to. I want to experenice many things that's for sure but if I don't I won't be worried because I know that dreaming was overrated anyway.

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  1. Who want to be immortal just to see everyone you love de?