Monday, July 12, 2010

What I Wish I Knew

I wish I knew that there is a bad side to everyone. I wish I knew that trying hard gets you far. And that good intentions pave the road to hell. But in the time I've had I've learned that good intentions are not enough. You have to mean what you say and say what you mean. When you lie your not helping anyone even if your lying to protect someone. Truthfully your just hurting them. I wish I knew that even a good day can turn bad in an instant. But I know now. And sometimes it makes me look over my shoulder after a good day making the day a little bitter sweet. I wish I knew time is a blessing. A gift that we sometimes don't take a second glance at. We sometimes forget about and take for granted. A lot of people would pay good money for the gift of time. The gift we often find ourselves wasting. The gift we can't live without. What teenagers today don't realize is that being bored is a luxury. A luxury we take for granted. If your bored do something about it clean your room, read a book! No matter how unappealing those things sound they'll help you and can end up being fun. If you think cleaning your room is boring turn on your stereo, flip on your ipod. Put music on it definitly helps and on top of that I reccomend it. That counts for something right? But I think your starting to get my message. That one moment is all you have. Enjoy it and live it. If I could have so many moments back I would. But in life we get no redos. No do overs. So all we can hope for is a "better luck next time" sorta thing. We'll have the knowledge when that next time moment desends upon us. So to all of you reading good luck next time!

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