Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I wrote this piece a couple of weeks back so it's not really written in a present tense just wanted to clarify
My first week of summer has been offically awful! And to think I thought this was gonna be the summer of my life. Ya right! Looks like I was wrong again like I've seemed to be quite often lately. I've spent hours sitting in front of the tv or computer ad I'm just totally sick of it. It's so boring. ButI don't feel like calling people to make plans because I've begun to feel as though maybe nobody really enjoys having me around. Maybe they just put up with me. And maybe summer is their chance to get rid of me. I feel like if nobody's gonna make the effort to call me to hang out then why even bother because clearly they just don't care enough aren't willing to waste one stinkin minute with me when they don't have to. Yes maybe I'm over reacting. Who knows? I seem to do that quite a bit. Who cares? I just kinda feel defeated by my own sorrows. My own worries. But who cares I'm just some lonely girl who writes on this stupid blog to make herself feel better. As if it could patch up and heal all my battle wounds. As if.

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