Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Miss You

There's so many people in my life that I miss dayly. They're the people I never stop thinking about. The people I want back in my life. The people that never die in my eyes. The people I want back in my life. The people that I shed the most tears over. I miss my two best friends who understood me completely. They never ceased to amaze me. But unfortunately they're long gone and my window of oppritunity has long closed. But my tears shed over them were not wasted ones. Because on my part it showed my ability to care for another. But what they did to me showed the true cruelty of man. How heartless and souless we can be from time to time or even for a prolonged period of time. Now that is something I do not miss at all. But some how I miss my two best friends that I knew before all of this. The two easy-going girls I used to walk to every arts class with. The two girls that I missed terribly after arts period was over. The same two girls that changed me and ruined me forever. The two girls that I'll never look at the same way again. The girs that I knew are definitly lost forever. Because after the day they made the choice to run away from their problems they took their truly evil forms. I'll never forget the moment that I realized they weren't what I needed anymore not what I wanted. I'll indeed miss the people they were but it's time that I except the people they are now. I mean I'm still learning the concept of forgive and forget. Truthfully I'm better at forgetting than I am at forgiving. Yes I'm a good grudge holder. If I find a reason to hate you, you better run for cover because because it ain't gonna be a pretty picture. Trust me, not pretty. I'm not perfect and I feel like sometimes people think I am. That people think I've got life figured out. That I've got everything figured out and newsflash I don't! I miss th simple life I used to lead the life that didn't have problems beyond my best friend exculding me at recess. Now I'm beginning to see that complicated doesn't always work. Learning is not limited to books and classrooms. Learning is unlimited. We learn where ever we go with whatever we do. Being open to life in general opens your heart and mind to learning. So open your heart and your mind to the unknown parts of life.

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