Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Poetry #2

Well I liked poetry so much that I decided I'd continue writing a couple pieces a month but nothing tyed to an exact schduele because i've learned that is just too much work but I'll try my best! So here are this week's poems:

Enjoy life's never ending happiness
Enjoy the blessings we are given
Enjoy our unfortunate sorrows
Enjoy the time we have
Enjoy the people you hold dear
Ejoy the moments and memories we'll never forget
Enjoy what you hate the most
Enjoy the happiness of others
Enjoy the moments while you have them
Enjoy life's simple pleasures

My Reflection

It was as if it was overnight
I woke up and didn't regonize
the face looking back at me.

Choclate brown eyes
Crazy Curly dark brown hair
Were still there
But that was pretty much it
I liked it
But I hated it

I wanted to look in the mirror
And see what I wanted to be
Not what nature had given me

I wanted to see a person
I couldn't be.
A person I would never be.

One day I looked at ny reflection again\
And decided
If this is gonna be who I am then
I guess I like it


  1. Thanks Randy I love it too it's means so much more now