Friday, July 2, 2010


Sometimes things don't always go as planned. Sometimes you just can't understand. And sometimes it's too late. Too late to redeem yourself. Too late to change the past. Too late for second chances. Too late to fix what you messed up. Sometimes you have to except faliure and move on because that's all you can do. Faliure is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength because it shows that your willing to risk falling. And anybody who is willing to risk falling gains the most respect in my eyes each and everyday. They prove to me that standing tall and strong as themselves is more important to them than stupid things like what others think, their reputation and so much more than that. I've learned quite recently that some people would much rather judge without knowing and then passing them off not even waiting to see what they're missing. People go through life and they're presented with so many opprotunity's endless amounts. And many we find ourselves passing up. But sometimes we come across one or two that we accept whether it be because we like what we're seeing or because we care enough to dig a little deeper. And other times we find ourselves letting go of the opprotunites we had previously chosen for ourselves. We have so many choices and decisions we often find that much of ourselves is slipping through the cracks in the process. So that when we see something we like better than the first thing we let the first thing slam in our faces loosing that opprotunity. And when we realize we really don't want the second thing it's already too late. We've let the first thing slip through the cracks. In life we make one choice. There are no compromises or maybes. We set out on a path where everything in the present is your only choice and everything in the path is too late to retrive. I wish I could stress to you the importance of one decision. But it would be no use considering we all make that mistake once in our life whether it be now or later. It will happen and we just have to except it. That's the only way out

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