Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blast From the Past

I was going through my stuff the other day and found this little speech that I wrote to one of my friends. Now let me give you a little background on these. So typically when I'm mad or upset I write these to get some of my feelings out. And these little speeches hold so many feelings therefore they don't hold back. I write whatever my heart wants to say so here it is:
I am sick of taking
other people's crap. And I
can tell by all of your actions
just how much you actually
care what I think or
what you're doing to me
Everyday I learn to hate you
more and more. Does it really
hurt to let me talk just this
once. Why does it have to be all
about you? The last time I
checked I was important too!
I expected way better of you
than what I've seen for a while
So far your the worst friend I've
EVER had and you don't give a damn
about what you're putting me
through you could pretty much
careless! For some reasons
I don't understand why I
keep giving you chances considering
you just waste them! I don't
understand why I'm still friends
with a self-center bitch like you!

So yes there are some strong words in there. After reading this (even though I know I wrote it) I felt bad for that girl that, I kneew had to go through all that. I remeber that time clearly. It was an awful time for me. And one of the reason I started to write this blog was to get all that anger out in my writing. I needed a filter that almost helped releave my burden, take some of the weight off my shoulders. Right now I'm so grateful for it. It's allowed me to be who I truly am without sacrificing anything on my part.

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