Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Beginnings

Have you ever had to restart in a new place, you knew nobody. Your chances of surviving were well 1 out of 99. Very slim. The people who go into situations with this mindset are going to have that outcome. I mean my word isn't law so it isn't guranteed but go into anything with a positive attitude and you'll at least get close to winning. Not everybody is good at making new friends, this is true. But even I once thought that I was bad at it, but now that I come to realize it, making friends is easy, what makes it hard is being nervous or forgetting we have a voice and we forget who we really and truly are. When your in a new place it's no lie to say it's easier to try to fit in with everybody else, then just be yourself. But the way I see it people you respect you more when you're you, a real person. But then again in high school there is so real respect. I wish there was. Respect is such an important part of a relationship between friends or between anybody. It doesn't matter everybody should respect each other. That's what new beginnings are about, a clean slate, nobody knows you, nobody knows what you're known for. You could be anything you wanted to be. We don't get chances like these often and some of us never will.

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