Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear God

I've never been the most faithful person as far as going to church and such goes. But I've always had such strong faith in the workings of God. I believe that he's always with me one way or another and the time I feel his precense the most is around christmas. For me christmas is so much differnt it's about giving and not how much you spend or the gift you give but the fact that your gave them a gift to begin with. That you cared about them enough to give them a gift. I try so hard every year to get all my closet friends just a little something even if it isn't much. Because I know a little kindness goes a long way. But at this point don't we all? This year money has kind of been a crunch for me. And it's really simply just my fault I spent my money on stupid things I didn't really need instead of thinking of the others around me. I give everybody a little something every year even if it isn't much but I know how much it means this time of year. And as far as religion goes for me I think sort of strangely I guess you could say. I don't like to believe that jesus exists really I mean I except the belief but I refuse to believe it. But I just want one person that I can't see to worry about one person I can connect to ya know? And for me there's only one God and he doesn't have kids. But I believe so strongly in my faith and believe that he's there up there somewhere listening to my prayers. I believe everything's better when you open your doors and your heart to love of God. He knows you better than anyone and he's only you can totally trust without any question. He's knows all the answer's to life's greatest questions. And he's there so all those questions eventually have answers. I've never really though about it another way. And I really don't think I need to. I have my faith and that's all there really is to it for me. I'm the kinda person who believes so strongly in things and will fight anybody who argues against it until the ends of the earth. But I'm guessing most of you already know that. I don't like to be told things are wrong, or bad when it's really only a matter if opinon. That's the way I see it whether it be your cellphone service or your taste in music it's all really the same. And it's all really based on nothing but opinons. I love what I love my music, my hair, and my faith. I love them all and never ever want to change them. And I never want to be argued about my opinon. That is defiently my biggest pet peeve. Anyways I love my faith and believe it so strongly. Thanks so much God for simply being there when I needed you.

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