Sunday, August 8, 2010

Life is Too Short

Although I haven't been around too long I sure know that living in the moment is the key to a happy life. You're not always gonna make decisions that you'll be proud of. But that isn't the end of the world. We make mistakes and plenty of them. We do things we regret, things we wish we could take back. But in the end we can't and all we can do is move on. Some of us are better at that than others but we all cope in our own ways. Whether it be pushing those mistakes to the back of your mind and trying so hard to forget about it. Like me. or face up to th fact that you've done something wrong and move on. But that's not how my life works so thats not how this piece is gonna go. I've spent the majority of my life running. Runnning from all the mistakes I've made. Believe it or not I ran. I wanted nothing to do with the mistakes I made. But some where along the way something changed. Something imporant. I wish that I knew what but even I don't know what that change was. Boy, do I wish I knew unfortunately I don't. I've learned running gets you no where, no matter how fast or how far you go. You'll always end up in the same place. It's a fact of life that many of us neve face up to. I guess if I had to take a guess at this change I would probaly guess the time when I began to feel again. The time when my full burden was released upon me and I cracked under the weight. The burden wsa simply too much for me to bare. And I started crying myself to sleep over what my life had become. I couldn't take it. It was just too much. Crying helped to the extent that it lessened my burden for a mere moment in time. After a while it was impossible to go on with a nice fake smile on my face. It just didn't work. I couldn't hide behind the mask of fake well being any longer. So I didn't. I just stopped and embraced the life I had. The life I couldn't fight against. It was was just too strong, too sure that I could make it through my rough patch. It kept pushing me forward despite my protests and my begging. It just kept going even if it had to carry me to get where I was going. And despite evreything I did it was right. I made it through with plenty of scratchs and bruises but not completely whole. It could only help me so much the rest I had to do by myself. Life wasn't made simple or easy. It has many twists and turns and plenty of bumops that are unavoidable. Life's too short to dwell on the things we can't control, can't change. It's too short to spend a lot of time on the stupid things. Now here's my advice to you: take the little moments and them plenty big. Make them moments you would gladly relive. Time goes by dast so embrace the time you have when you have it. because you'll never get it back.

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